CN TowerSome engineered structures require specialized design considerations due to unusual or non-standard properties that make them susceptible to wind excitation. These properties can include: unusually large spans, low structural mass densities, large slenderness ratios or cross-sections that may lead to aerodynamic instability.

Based on our extensive experience gained from wind-tunnel studies of unique and unusual structures, the Alan G. Davenport Wind Engineering Group is able to advise on design considerations for many special structures.

To supplement the wind-tunnel studies of many of these projects, the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory offers a full scale monitoring program of the “as-built” structure. This can provide a cost effective method to assure that the structure is meeting the design requirements. If remedial action is required, results from full-scale monitoring can be invaluable in sizing and tuning devices such as dampers.

Various analytical and experimental techniques are available to evaluate and quantify wind effects on many types of structures including: