Experiment Control and Data Acquisition

All test procedures are fully-automated using the latest in computer instrumentation and software technology.

Six wind tunnel control and data acquisition systems provide a customized scripted testing environment able to satisfy complex experimental requirements while maintaining real-time analysis and reporting capabilities.

Each unit is capable of complete wind tunnel control while capturing data on 64 channels at speeds up to 100 000 samples per second. In addition, they provide simultaneous remote control for the lab’s two 1024-channel pressure scanning systems.

  Our comprehensive software package offers:

  • script-driven hardware and test procedure control,
  • maximum flexibility in test setup,
  • experimental results that are self documenting through extensive metadata which is added at each stage of the data acquisition and analysis,
  • synchronization between test systems,
  • automated data flow (from instrumentation to storage servers),
  • real-time test reports and test progress notifications,
  • multiple plug-in tools for rapid data evaluation and
  • script-driven advanced data processing